Using cellular agriculture to make meat better.

Premium meat, anywhere.


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Harnessing cellular agriculture

We're developing technology to grow meat directly from animal cells. Our vision is to make premium quality, delicious, affordable meat products to feed the growing world population.

Our first step: Premium meat snacks.

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The future of meat snacks…

Think about the last steak you had at your favorite restaurant.

Now, think about the beef jerky sold at your local gas station.

Pretty different, right? One is juicy, tender, and delicious. The other is dry, tough, and overly-salted. They're both beef, but with meat snacks you sacrifice quality for convenience.

The root of this difference? Bacteria. Since you don't refrigerate meat snacks, you need dehydration, preservatives, or acidity to kill bacteria. However, this preservation severely reduces the quality of the meat.

This changes with cellular agriculture. Our technology will allow us to create bacteria-free meat, which means less preservation, leading to restaurant-quality meat. We'll create meat snacks that are so good, not even an animal can compete.

This isn't the only benefit of our technology, either. Lack of bacteria also means safer, healthier snacks that last longer. Not to mention the fact that no animals will be harmed in our entire process, and we'll use dramatically less water, land, and energy than animal-based meat production.


We're hiring!

We're looking to add a stem cell culture expert to our team. If you're a biohacker, cell whisperer, or someone who just loves cell ag, we'd love to chat!

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